Thanks to everyone who voted in the 20th annual Fort Worth Weekly Awards or supported local music in any way. The artists here greatly appreciate you coming out to shows, buying our gimmicks and generally being awesome people. Oh, and thanks for giving us the winning votes for Best Americana/Roots Rock this year. We double 'preciate ya!
11-18-16 Magnolia Motor Lounge
Rhett Miller (Old 97's)
Brent Best (Slobberbone, The Drams)
Kevin Aldridge

My last solo show of the year is gonna be a real barn burner! Doors at 7pm. Show starts at 9pm.
Shipping and Receiving
Kevin Aldridge & The Appraisers

Chat Room  - October 8th - FREE

Chat Room - October 8th - FREE

Please join us for the 8th Annual Zac Galaviz Concert Benefit at Shipping & Receiving on September 17th with Matthew and the Arrogant Sea. Details here: Zac Galaviz Benefit
Thanks to everyone who came out to the July single release show. It was great having Daniel Markham join us for an awesome night at the Chat Room.
Big ups to the Local Ticket and KXT for spinning "Here's The Thing About Me".


Guess what? More tunes comin'. 

What's up, Hoots? 

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our single release show for "Here's The Thing About Me". We're gonna spend the next month or so working on some new songs and shining up some old ideas so we can get back to Barryland. 

More Songs Comin'  

We went back to Electric Barryland with Jordan Richardson last weekend & got the bones tracked for a nifty tuned called "Here's The Thing About Me". I'm thinking we'll release this one in May or July. We'll see. 

We're spending some quality time with Jordan Richadson finishing up some singles so you can get your hands and ears on new stuff every six weeks or so in 2016. That's the plan unless I change my mind about releasing an EP or LP. 

1/27 - Three Links with Matthew Logan Vasquez of Delta Spirit 

January 27 - Three Links 8pm 
We're incredibly stoked to open for the great Matthew Logan Vasquez of Delta Spirit as he swings through Dallas on his Texas residency tour. Come hang with us and see his killer band as well as A. Sinclair from down the road Austin. 
Matthew Logan Vasquez 
A. Sinclair 
Kevin Aldridge & The Appraisers


Thanks to Magnolia Motor Lounge and The Chat Room for letting me "play two" last week. Doing a solo acoustic set followed by a big rock show was all kinds of fun. Big ups to Mills & Co., Cut Throat Finches and Gollay for killer sets at The Chat.

The next single release will be in January. Details coming soon enough. I have one fantastic act lined up for the show already.

Good vibes for Winner Leaves Town 

Thanks to Mark at the little Ticket 96.7FM and 1310AM for spinning us first and often on the Local Ticket show - Sundays 8-10pm.

KXT 91.7 FM has added us to the New Music Monday blog. We do appreciate any requests for the song sent their way. Check out the blog here:

KXT - New Music Monday

Get our new single here.
Here's The Thing About Me


Check out Kevin's interview with DJ Mark on the Local Ticket.
Behind The Bit - King Of Song Style

Newsflash: I don't think I'm the greatest songwriter. I don't think anyone is the best. In the arts, there is no best. I'm just having a little fun with the bit and who doesn't love a good bit?

The King Of Song Style came to me very late one night as I watched New Japan Pro Wrestling's biggest show of 2015 called Wrestle Kingdom 9. The show emanated live from the Tokyo Dome in Japan so the time difference was huge and I was a little delirious by the time I got to the match I had been waiting all evening (and morning) to see. The match in question was for the IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix) Intercontinental Championship held by the King Of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura.
Nakamura hit my radar in early 2014 through wresting podcasts I listened to during my daily commute. Reviews of his charisma and in ring work ranged from "incredible" at worst  to "can't miss" at best. Thankfully, sites like youtube and Daily Motion carried a great deal of his work. 
His challenger that evening was a young wrestler named Kota Ibushi. This kid can really go and they were a perfect pairing for this show. Ibushi is a smaller guy and could sell all of Nakamura's strikes like he's getting the crap kicked out of him, which was likely due to the stiff nature and style preferred by the NJPW promotion.
The match went about 30 minutes and it had everything. Great psychology, hard striking, some high spots and a great finish that made both guys look like bigger stars than before the bout.
A lot of fans say Savage vs Steamboat (loved it) or Steamboat vs Flair (pick one) are the best matches of all time. Nakamura vs Ibushi had me thinking that about 15 minutes into the thing. When it ended I knew I had just seen the best match of all time and thus my idea for the King Of Song Style gimmick was born. 
Since that evening, I have told anyone and everyone about the greatness of Shinsuke Nakamura. He's a gifted performer who does the intangible things you cannot teach. They do not show up in a weight room, rehearsal space or stage until show time. Lost in all this is the performance of Ibushi, the perfect dance partner. People will know who he is once he gets to work stateside (Global Cruiserweight Series... anyone). 

So that's it. If you made through this whole thing then maybe you'll wanna check out the match. Here's the link with Japanese commentary. The English version keeps being removed from sites. Don't skip the Nakamura entrance. Totally worth the price of admission.